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With such fixations, why not think broadly

I stumbled across a great blog today, Gina Trapani who writes on topics like work and productivity. She has written a great post about Freelance Switch which is proposed for freelancers, but I think anyone can glean something valuable from it. She talks about her Personal Business Model. The Personal Business Model is essentially a quickly-sketched pie chart that outlines Gina Trapani’s ideal work mix breaking down her work time into projects she does for love which sums up to 30%, for the education and money it is also 30% leaving 10% for other kinds of work.

I love this because I’m a big fan of thinking outside plans like these. Why? Because very few people have the interest or self-discipline to refer back to their own plans on a regular basis let alone to keep their plans up to date and most of us find ourselves lost from time to time in the details of our work, at which point it’s difficult to make a clear, strategic decision about what projects to take on and so as a student a model like this is something I can stick up next to my desk or anywhere where I know I’ll see it every day and be reminded of my big-picture definition of success.

Go read her post for more details, but before you leave, can I share one more thing? I loved this bit earlier on in her post.

I’d say that’s true for most people and all of us can benefit from spending abit of time considering what constitutes satisfaction or success for us.

“While I do plan to make money as a freelancer, my ultimate goal is to generate satisfaction. (While money is a part of that, so is learning, service and creativity, so we’ll just use the umbrella term “satisfaction.”


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